At Finnkibu, we offer authentic, unique and modern clothes made of organic cotton. The raw materials are produced and manufactured responsibly in Africa. Our collection includes a wide selection of modern African patterns for women, men and children alike. Our selection also includes home textiles. Everything is ethically produced in Uganda.

University students in Finland as well as Uganda have designed our modern patterns, with the aim of bringing you a unique clothing store inspired by Africa with a modern twist.

Our mission is to create unique African-inspired patterns with a modern twist tailored to the needs of our clients. At the same time, we enable the development of rural communities in Uganda by providing income opportunities for women, as well as giving university students in Uganda and Finland the opportunity to gain practical work experience to prepare them for working life.

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We also sell our products to wholesalers.
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Our story

Sharon has a bachelors degree in Industrial and organizational Psychology from Makerere University in Uganda. On graduation, she felt she wanted to give back to her own community in rural Uganda, in Kibuye village in Kamuli district.

In 2010, she founded a non profit organization called "Arise and Shine Uganda" The organization works to serve vulnerable children and families so they can have improved standards of living. With limited funding and the nature of restrictions that were attached to the little funding arise and shine got, Sharon felt she wasn’t meeting the actual needs of the community she so dearly wanted to serve.

Hence the founding of Finnkibu. With Finnkibu she hopes to create authentic unique African inspired designs, with a modern twist, tailored to the needs of her customers while uplifting her home village in rural Uganda through providing stable employment for women and also providing a platform for university students both in Uganda and in Finland were students can put their knowledge to practice enabling them experience and prepare for the work market.

Sharon Nyanjura

"More trade my friends! I invite you to come along side me on this journey. Shop at Finnkibu, and together we can permanently change a village!!"

- Sharon Nyanjura

Who We Are

Finnkibu is an art and fabric design company, operating in Finland and Uganda that integrates African fabric products into the European market.


Our Designers

Our designers are art and design students from different schools, colleges and universities across Finland. We also design custom garments for our customers. Please contact us and request a quote for customized products!


Our Mission

Our mission is to give Finnish students the opportunity to design products that are suitable for Finnish consumers. Our products are produced in Africa and sold in the Finnish market.