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  • Abayo shoppiong bag

    Abayo Shopping bag.

    45,00 sis. Alv 24%

    The Abayo shopping bag made of palm leaves. The leaves are then woven or braided into long braids. The braids are then sewn together with raffia, to form a bag. A rope made out of Sissle or palm leaves is then placed strategically through the center to form the handles, making it sturdy and industrious. The Abayo shopping bag is a kind you will use for years no matter the weather. Feel free to take it to the beach, or shopping while running your everyday errands.

    The bag comes in a large size.

  • Luanda pet basket

    92,00135,00 sis. Alv 24%

    This pet basket is handwoven, ethically and sustainably made in Ghana. It creates an inviting  and cozy sleeping space for your for legged family member. We only have 3 of them in stock, they come in large, medium and a small size. By purchasing these pet baskets, you support a group of women in Ghana…

  • Luanda U shopper large

    125,00 sis. Alv 24%

    The Luanda U shopper large  is a beautiful colorful shopping basket. Its eco-friendly made  from elephant grass with leather handles. Each is made Uniquely to itself that even with the same design and color, each would come with its own variation. These shoppers are multi- purpose, you can use them for shopping, an extra accessory…