Classic Hand woven cotton scarf baby blue/darkblue

45,00 sis. Alv 24%

Hand woven classic cotton scarf
Hand woven scarf

⦁ Handwoven on looms
⦁ Purely 100% cotton sourced responsibly with in Uganda.
⦁ Tailored for a nice loose fit.
⦁ Non stretchy
⦁ Machine wash in lower temperatures.

All finnkibu garments are hand made by a women’s group in Kibuye village with the aim to enable sustainable community development through trade opportunities.
The garments are made with an ethical mindset, the kitenge cotton fabric in particular, is responsibly sourced in Uganda. We ensure our trade transactions are fair and without discrimination of any sort.


Hand woven  classic cotton scarf, 40cm by 150cm




Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 40 cm