Medium shopper

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The Medium shopper is a beautiful colorful shopping basket. Its eco-friendly made  from elephant grass with leather handles. Each is made Uniquely to itself that even with the same design and color, each would come with its own variation. These shoppers are multi- purpose, you can use them for shopping, an extra accessory to your outfit to suit and complete your style or even for picnic time in the summer.

Its dimensions are roughly as follows:

Leather handles are 38 cm

Depth 25 cm


Diameter 35 cm

Please take note, there might be some variations in the dimensions of your shopper. Each is uniquely handmade.

Your basket will arrive folded, you will need to wet it to reshape it. Please insert it in water for a few minutes, when soft,  straighten it out with your bare hands to straighten out the wrinkles. Leave in a warm dry place to dry, always make sure the leather handles are super dry!

Purchasing these baskets , you help honor and preserve the traditional craft  of weaving in Ghana while maintaining a long term fair trade relationship with the weavers.

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