Finnkibu Neck Tie

32,00 sis. Alv 24%



The Finnkibu Men’s ties are made from Ankara fabric which is 100% cotton. They are handmade, with skilled artisans carefully selecting and cutting the fabric to create each unique tie, lined with a cotton lining ensuring comfort and breathability.

The makers iron these ties at every step of the process to ensure neatness and overall quality. They are a premium make.

Our ties are a fashion staple that effortlessly combines timeless elegance, versatility, individual expression and can add a vibrant and distinctive touch to formal or semi-formal attire. They have the power to transform an ordinary outfit into a remarkable ensemble, elevating your personal style and leaving a lasting impression. Wearing these ties showcases your confidence, attention to detail, and appreciation for the finer things in life.
You are invited to be part of a classified adventurous men who celebrate African aesthetics and cultural heritage.
Whether you are looking to celebrate African culture, express your personal style, or simply add a unique accessory to your wardrobe, the finnkibu ties offer a colorful and meaningful choice that combines fashion with cultural heritage.


The ties are 60 inches long.

When it comes to caring for the finnkibu ties, it’s recommended to hand wash them using mild detergent and cold water to preserve the vibrant colors and prevent shrinking. They should be air-dried and ironed at a low temperature to maintain their shape and crisp appearance.

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